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by | Apr 3, 2012 | Family Law and Divorce, Lawyers

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If you are facing a divorce in Austin,you are most likely not doing so because you enjoy the company of the person who was once your significant other. Emotions can run high for elongated periods of time during a divorce, especially if one or both of the parties feel betrayed. Hostility, revenge, hurt feelings, broken hearts and continuous pain often are the side effects that provide the subtext of many divorces, and at times, people can behave far less intelligently than they might otherwise.

There is a point when it is just better to let go,” says one divorce attorney in Austin. “Your heart may be prompting you to drop by, start a fight, make threats, call and hang up, or otherwise harass the person who is divorcing you. This is a time when it is best not to listen to your heart. Go with your brain. This type of behavior is illegal in Texas, and you will make things worse for yourself if you behave in this way.”

Once either you or your spouse has been served, you can get into significant trouble and make the divorce a messy affair by harassing your spouse. Saying vulgar or obscene things, calling at all hours of day or night, sending vitriolic email – all of these things are easily proven, and will not only work against you in divorce court, but can lead you to criminal court as well.

This is especially true in cases where another person has entered the picture,” says the divorce attorney in Austin. “You have a broken heart. You are disappointed. You are angry and bitter. You are really hurting. That’s understandable and okay. It’s okay to feel that way, but not a great idea to act on it. What’s more, your spouse already knows how you feel, but the solution is divorce. Communicating all of that stuff in a hostile environment will not make things better. It will make the whole situation worse for you, and probably better for your spouse, especially if your spouse does not respond in kind.”

If you do not feel able to handle yourself responsibly, it’s advisable to have your divorce attorney in Austin communicate with your spouse rather than attempting it yourself, at least until things move on towards resolution. It is better to remain silent and proceed through resolution. Eventually, most people find that their emotions calm down once they accept the facts, and with time, and they are able to move on without hostility or bitterness.

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