Get Help with Eminent Domain Long Island

by | Oct 5, 2012 | Law

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The subject of eminent domain has long been a sore subject. Many Americans feel that the issue is a direct violation of their human rights. The subject of eminent domain is addressed in the 5th Amendment.

According to the formal description of eminent domain Long Island, the government can contact a land owner and take over a chunk of their property and that there’s not a single thing that the land owner can do much about. The good news is that not many people really ever find themselves in a position where they have to deal with this topic.

If you do find that the government would really like a piece of a property that you own, you shouldn’t just sign whatever paperwork that gets set in front of you. First you need to contact a lawyer that has a great deal of experience on the topic of eminent domain and schedule an appointment. The more experienced the attorney is, the better things will be in the long run.

The first thing that the attorney will do is make sure that your dealing with a legitimate branch of the government and not with someone that’s trying to pull and underhanded and illegal scam. You should never just trust the word of the person who comes knocking on your door. The more pressure that the “agency” puts on you to sign the paperwork right away, the more important it becomes that you take the time to see a lawyer and make sure that it’s a real deal.

As soon as they have confirmed that it’s a legitimate situation, the attorney will then explain that the government can’t just take your property. The way that eminent domain works is that the government can buy the property from you. Perhaps the most important thing that the eminent domain Long Island attorney will do will be taking the steps to make sure that the government is going to pay you a fair price for the land that they want. They can’t simply offer you a ridiculously low price.

The other thing that the eminent domain Long Island attorney will want to check out is just what the government is going to be using the property for. According to the law, the government can’t just take citizens property willy nilly, they can only exercise eminent domain if they can prove that their acquisition of the property will be to use it for something that will legitimately do the public good. For example, the government can buy the land to add an extra lane to the highway, but they can’t buy a strip of land with the idea that they will be selling it at a later date.

The Jaspan Schlesinger LLP law offices has attorneys who have dealt with several different eminent domain Long Island who will make sure that the government gives you a fair price.