Negotiating vs. a Personal Injury Attorney

by | Apr 22, 2013 | Lawyers

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When a personal injury case arises a victim is left with two choices. The first choice is for you to resolve the case yourself. The other option is to ask for help from a good personal injury attorney in St Petersburg. It is much more difficult to go through the process without the help of an attorney but is definitely not impossible. There are a few tips that a person should know though, should they decide to try to take on the case without the help of an attorney.

Do Not Go It Alone

The very first thing that any person should do is talk to a personal injury lawyer. This applies even if the person is strongly considering trying to take on the case by himself or herself. The reason is that the consultation is free. This is a great opportunity to get some free legal advice. Most attorneys will not force anything on a person. They will offer their advice for free in hopes that the person will eventually choose to hire them for the personal injury case.

Get the Advice

There are two main benefits to taking advantage of the free legal advice for a personal injury case. The first thing is that the personal injury attorney St Petersburg can help to give the victim a better idea as to what they are up against and whether or not they truly have a case or not. They can even give a ballpark estimate on what the case might be worth if they were to take on the case themselves. They will give an honest answer, and if they feel that there is no case to be made or the claim may only be small then the victim may not want to proceed any further. On the other hand if there is a case to be made, then at least the victim knows where to start in regards to filing a personal injury claim.

Now once a victim has met with a lawyer or lawyers and has determined that it is worth the effort they may then decide to file the claim on his or her own. To do so, a person needs to be very careful throughout the whole process. They should take any pictures that could help the case, obtain copies of all medical records related to the case, keep detailed records of any mailings, and make all communications in writing (with copies).

It is not impossible to file a personal injury claim by one