Preparing for Your Divorce in American Fork

by | Nov 23, 2012 | Law

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Going through a difficult divorce is something that few people think about when they get married. But the simple fact is that unfortunately many marriages end in divorce. Before you decide to go through a divorce in American Fork, consider these tips to help with your preparation and the actual process.

Know Your Rights
When you are getting a divorce in American Fork, you have certain rights afforded to you as one party in the case. For one thing, you have a right to know when you can see your children. You also have a right as to how the financial assets and debts will be divided. In most cases, the judge will listen to your case and then make a decision based on the facts that they have heard. The only time you forfeit these rights is if you have committed a criminal activity that is relevant to these rights. For instance, if you abused your child during the marriage, you may not have a right to see them unless it is supervised visitation or some other special circumstance.

Hire a Competent Attorney
If you’re going through a divorce in American Fork, it’s essential that you hire a competent attorney to protect your rights. Your attorney should focus on the case at hand and charge a reasonable fee for the services that they provide. They should also specialize in the fields that will be relevant to your divorce. For instance, if there were no children that resulted from the marriage, there is no reason to pay extra for an attorney that specializes in child custody issues during the divorcing process. Your spouse is going to have a competent attorney working on their side, so you should too.

Know the Cost
Before you agree to any attorney to help you with your divorce, you should know what it’s going to cost. Some attorneys will charge you a flat rate for the divorce if there aren’t any complicated matters that need to be decided, while others will charge you by the hour regardless of the type of divorce it’s going to be. Will your lawyer charge you every time you call them to ask a question? Or is that something that’s already included in the fees that they charge? Be sure to clear this up during your initial consultation with them so you aren’t in for any surprise bills once the divorce proceedings are over.


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