Probate in Corona Defined

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Law

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It is a normal part of life to prepare for life after death. Though it may seem morbid, this preparation is actually wise, as it ensure that all of your assets are appropriately taken care of. Not only does it ensure that your assets are taken care of, but it also ensures that your loved ones receive exactly what you want them to after you pass on. A will is one of the most common ways of ensuring that your assets are properly handled after you pass on. If you live in Corona and you are creating a will, it is important that you understand what happens to your estate after you pass on. It is for this reason that you should understand probate in Corona. Not sure of what probate is? Keep on reading to find out about probate in Corona.

A Definition of Probate in Corona

Put simply, probate in Corona is the legal process that your estate will go through after you pass away. This process includes a number of things, such as:

* Proving that your will is actually valid

* Determining, identifying and then taking inventory of your property after you pass away

* The appraisal of the property

* The payment of any debts and taxes that you owe after you pass on

* The distribution of your property to the beneficiaries that you have named in your will.

What is Involved in Probate in Corona?

As you can imagine, since the process of probate includes all of the above-mentioned things, it can be quite taxing and lengthy. The process involves filing paperwork, management of your will and estate by lawyers, appearance of your probate lawyers in court and then the final distribution of your estate. Since there is so much that is involved in probate, it can be quite a lengthy process.

Who will Handle the Probate?

You will most likely have named an executor of your will. It is this person who will become responsible for handling the probate of your will. If you have not named an executor, one will be appointed to you will by the probate court. In this event, the task usually is handed over to your closest relative, or to the person you have left the most to in your will.

Is Probate Necessary?

Yes, probate is a necessary. It ensure that all of your assets are handled appropriately and that all of your debts are paid off.