What it takes to become an Accident Lawyer

by | Feb 1, 2013 | Law

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Becoming an accident lawyer in Queens NY can be a very lucrative occupation. The amount that can be obtained from a single accident injury lawsuit can run into thousands of dollars making it an attractive field for many lawyers. It takes a lot to become a personal injury lawyer. Here are some tips on how to become one.

After college, take the LSAT. Aspiring lawyers should ensure they get a grade high enough to get them into law school. To graduate, candidates will have to successfully complete the 3 years of law school.

Obtain work experience while studying. An aspiring accident lawyer in Queens NY may obtain a job as a clerk in a local law firm that specializes in personal injury. Study how the legal professionals in the firm accept cases and negotiate settlements. Network with other legal professionals and learn from them.

Study the types of health conditions or problems an accident victim can suffer as a result of dramatic injuries. Network with medical professionals and keep them on file because they can be used as expert witnesses on future cases.

Once the aspiring lawyer starts practicing, priority should be given to cases with potential for large settlements. Use the wins to gain publicity and attract other clients to the law firm.

Advertise on the Internet, newspapers and other advertising media to attract more clients. Build a reputation in the locality so that whenever a person gets involved in an accident, the name of the lawyer is the first thing they remember as far as legal advice is concerned. Keep bringing in new clients and gain a large market share of injury cases in the locality.

Typical day of an accident lawyer

Personal injury law is a broad specialty with many sub-specialties. While certain lawyers in other law disciplines may occasionally take high profile personal injury cases, many legal professionals concentrate on one or two fields in personal injury law. There are many types of personal injury cases including automobile accidents, negligence, dog bites, traumatic brain injury, libel and slander, wrongful death litigation, defamation, assault and battery, premises liability and others. One thing that personal injury lawyers do on a daily basis is to stay current on legal, social and scientific developments in fields related to their specialties.

It’s highly likely that at any given time, an attorney could be handling a number of clients and need to be at different locations in each case. Most attorneys have initial contact with new clients even if another member of staff conducts a prior interview. The first thing a personal injury lawyer does in a case is to gather information and documents relevant to the case.

Lawyers have to work from two fronts in a personal injury case; ensure the clients’ medical needs are fulfilled and obtain good development in the case. This involves many other activities including negotiating with insurance firms, meeting and interviewing doctors, witnesses and other parties involved in the case. All parties including medical service providers and insurance companies will be notified of the lawyer’s representation and be served with necessary paperwork. From that moment, all inquiries and queries will go through the lawyer and not the client. If the liable party wants to settle out of court, the lawyer will negotiate a settlement that will cover the client’s requirements as well as the costs of his representation.

An Accident lawyer in Queens NY negotiates on behalf of clients for fair settlement.