Who Needs a Workers Compensation Lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA?

There may be some confusion about who it is that needs a worker’s compensation lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA area. A lot of people mistakenly believe that their employer will take care of them if they are injured at work. Even more people believe that the workers compensation system is an automatic system. They believe that if they are honest about what happened to cause the injury that they will be covered and that in turn they will be able to heal and collect compensation while that happens. The reality is like a terrible wake up call.

The Reality

While it is true that some cases are cut in dry like faulty machinery, unsafe practices or OSHA violations other incidences are not that cut and dry. What happens when your case is not of the cut and dry variety? Your employer can fight it! It is true, your employer can fight against your claim for worker’s compensation, they can:

  • Blame the accident on your negligence
  • Deny the severity of the injury
  • Get witness statements against you

In more cases than not employers will fight your compensation claim for two reasons:

  1. They do not want to become a high-risk employer
  2. They do not want to have to pay for someone that is not able to work

For your employer, the bottom line is the focus, not your good health or what is fair.

The Answer

If you are wondering who needs a worker’s compensation lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA, the answer is simple, any worker that has been injured at work. No matter how obvious the situation is to you, you still need a lawyer that can present your case so that it is obvious to everyone. Currie and Liabo will help you!

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