2 Reasons to Retain a Real Estate Lawyer Before Spending any Money

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Attorney

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You might think that most real estate deals are quite simple, so you can just handle them on your own. While that might be true in many situations, there is much more to the simple buying and selling of a property that you need to be concerned with when dealing with real estate law. Depending on the jurisdiction that you are in, there might be restrictions on what you can do with the property, who can live there, and what alterations you can make. This is just the beginning. There are a lot of nuances to this. This is why you should seek advice from real estate law attorneys in Baraboo, like Horn & Johnsen SC.

Making Improvements To Your Home

When you bought your home, you probably had big plans for the future. You saw certain improvements that you would like to gradually make over time. This might include adding a swimming pool, putting up a fence, or even building a garage. These are items that make the place more comfortable for your family, but they may need to get approval first. Real estate law attorneys in Baraboo can help you with this.

Dealing With Land Contracts

By their very nature, land contracts can be quite difficult to put together and decipher. Buyers and sellers need to be equally protected. There are deadlines to follow and deposits to be made. Make sure it is done right and avoid problems that come with a less-than-careful reading of the contract.

These are just two of the areas where real estate law attorneys in Baraboo are useful. It is important to stay on top of the law and to know what the rules and regulations are in your area before spending any money. It is in the purview of Horn & Johnsen SC to help you with that, so keep them in mind when the time comes.