3 Excellent Reasons For Seeking Help From a SSD Lawyer in Greensboro

by | Aug 26, 2022 | Legal

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After a sudden illness or accident left you unable to continue working, the need to apply for Social Security disability benefits became apparent. While some people do try to file for benefits on their own, others know that seeking out legal help is the most practical solution. Here are a few reasons why hiring a SSD lawyer in Greensboro would be in your best interests.

Providing accurate and complete information is key to having the claim approved. Unfortunately, you may not be sure how to answer some of the questions. Instead of doing what you can and hoping for the best, aid from your legal counsel can take some of the guesswork out of the task.

You’ll also find that a lawyer is in a position to handle the actual filing on your behalf. That’s crucial, since the legal counsel will know what should be done to ensure the claim receives attention in the most timely way possible. See this as a way to avoid sending documents and other requested items to the wrong place, and delaying the process.

Finally, your SSD lawyer in Greensboro will be there if the initial claim is denied. Your lawyer will go back over the claim, make sure it’s accurate, then request a hearing and a review. You don’t have to be present for that review. Instead, your lawyer can represent you and hopefully secure the benefits that you seek. If successful, the benefits may be made retroactive to the date of the original claim.

Don’t try to navigate the claim process by yourself. Seek out a lawyer who knows what to do, and the odds of being approved the first time will be much better. For more information, please contact Collins Price, PLLC today.