3 Things DUI Attorneys Do, That You Probably Can’t

by | Jan 17, 2020 | Law

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Driving under influence is both illegal and dangerous to both you and your passengers. The consequences of driving under influence can be harsh. You could face fines, damaged reputation, and even jail time. Avoid DUI charges by handing over your keys to a sober individual or use a different mode of transport when drunk. Unfortunately, when the milk is spilled, you have no other choice but to prepare for the long road ahead of you with the justice system. Here’s where DUI attorneys come in. Why do you need one?

Protect your record
DUI, if not handled discreetly and professionally, might go into your criminal records. Soiled criminal records could tamper your current and future employability statuses. DUI attorneys will do their best to protect your image and keep the charges at a minimum.

Restore or keep your license
The law has the authority to restrict or retain your driving license if you are found guilty of driving under influence. This could hold you back from driving until a final verdict is settled. However, a DUI attorney may manage to revert the charges and help you retain your driving license until the case is over.

Avoid high-risk insurance
High-risk insurance premiums after DUI charges can be quite detrimental to your financial situation. Your DUI attorney will negotiate with your insurance company for reduced charges on the premiums. It’s essential to note that you could lose your insurance cover altogether after the DIU charges. A qualified DIU attorney will review your insurance options to help you retain your insurance cover.

DUI cases can disrupt your life for ages if not handled professionally and appropriately. Be sure to discuss all the details and be honest about your mistake for better representation. Call Mark Diaz attorney at law now to schedule an appointment with our best DUI attorneys. We will help you clean your mess and clear your name.