A Bail Agency in Upper Marlboro MD Posts a Bond to Substitute for Cash Bail

by | Mar 18, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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When someone has been charged with a crime, that person’s freedom is on the line. Often, the defendant loses freedom before ever being convicted or pleading guilty. Jurisdictions typically require bail to secure release from jail before trial, or before the case ends another way. For a service fee, a bail agency in Upper Marlboro MD will post a bond that substitutes for cash bail if the defendant has no way to pay a large amount of money to the court.

Being Able to Hire a Lawyer

After being released from jail with the help of a Bail Agency in Upper Marlboro MD, it’s easier for the defendant to find a criminal defense attorney who is a good fit for this case. The defendant can return to work and continue earning money, which is necessary to pay the lawyer. Having a private attorney for legal representation boosts the chance for a favorable outcome in the case.

The Comfort of Home

Although the stressful situation continues as long as the case has not been resolved, defendants find that waiting at home for case resolution is dramatically easier than spending that time behind bars. They have the comfort of home and the normal contact with family and friends. Occasionally they may even be able to forget about the case for a moment or two.

If the Defendant Disappears

The defendant must show up for court dates as required or a bench warrant will be issued by a judge. If the person disappears, the bonding agency begins the process of tracking down this individual. This might be done with the assistance of a bounty hunter, also known as a fugitive recovery agent. If they do not return the customer to the jail, the agency is responsible for the full cash bail.

Collateral Requirements

Because representatives with an organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency know that some defendants skip town, they have to evaluate whether the applicant is a flight risk. Sometimes collateral is required to cover the cash bail if the customer does flee. That might be a vehicle title, for example. Visit us online to get started with the application.