A Brief Guide to Bail Bonds in Shelton, CT: Why They Exist and How to Post Them

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Bail Bonds

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The American criminal justice system revolves around the idea that every accused person is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It can take quite some time for the question of guilt or innocence to be settled, with some trials not even getting started until many months after charges have been filed.

Standing Behind the Presumption of Innocence

While the courts will sometimes decide that an accused person must remain in jail until the time for the trial arrives, they will more often allow individuals with appropriate histories and situations to go free until that moment. In most cases, however, it will be necessary to post a bond meant to ensure the person will appear in court as directed.

The amount of money to be posted will vary from case to case, but will often be significantly more than a person of average means could afford. Providers of bail bonds in Shelton CT are ready to help locals overcome such hurdles on behalf of loved ones or acquaintances who have been arrested and accused of crimes. Working with a company like Aces Bail Bonds will often be the best possible way to secure a person’s freedom until the date of a criminal trial or other means of resolving the issue.

A Simple Way to Secure Freedom for Someone Accused of a Crime

There are companies that post Bail Bonds in Shelton CT that are committed to doing everything possible to make the experience accessible and convenient. Some of the issues it can pay to consider before choosing a particular provider include:

  • Hours – Bail hearings are often held long after business hours, with sessions running regularly throughout the night in some jurisdictions. As staying in jail any longer than strictly necessary will never be desirable, it will often be worthwhile to seek a bail bond company that will be ready to respond around the clock.
  • Fees – Customers of bail bond companies will normally be expected to post around ten percent of the total amount on their own. They will also normally be required to pay fees in exchange for the service, and these can vary to the point that researching them will generally be wise.

Simply working through basic considerations like these should make choosing an appropriate bail bond company simple. That can end up providing welcome relief for someone who truly needs it.