A Child Custody Law Attorney in Sheboygan, WI Can Help a Parent Understand Their Rights

by | Apr 28, 2020 | Family Law and Divorce, Lawyers

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The phrase, best interest of the children, is thrown around a lot when it comes to divorce. Both parents often believe they are the best provider for their children and will do anything to keep their children under their roof. Sometimes, the possibility of losing custody leads parents to do things they wouldn’t do under normal circumstances, such as tell their children lies about the other parent or even prevent them from spending time with their parent or other relatives. Of course, anyone on the outside can tell this isn’t in the best interest of the children and if emotions are not kept in check, these tactics could be detrimental when the court decides which parent will get custody.

Hiring a child custody law attorney in Sheboygan, WI is often a wise investment for a parent to make before they resort to ugly strategies in an attempt to gain or keep custody of their children. An attorney may explain the law as it applies to a particular case and give advice for how to handle the situation at home, as well as in the courtroom. It’s important for parents to comply with all orders issued by the court to establish their reputation as a responsible and caring parent with the judge. Parents who don’t agree with the orders should work with their attorney to get them amended instead of blatantly disregarding them.

A large portion of custody cases are resolved with joint custody arrangements. In these cases, children spend an equal amount of time with both parents. Research has shown that children thrive in this type of environment when parents are able to communicate effectively with each other. A child custody law attorney in Sheboygan, WI may discuss joint custody or shared parenting agreements with their client and explore the possibility of setting up this type of arrangement with their family.

Parents should choose their divorce lawyers as soon as they know they are not going to remain a family. Getting started early on the child custody case can improve a parent’s likelihood of getting the order they want from the court. Contact Roth & Basler SC for more information.