A Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford MA Represents Contractors Who Are Ineligible for Workers Compensation

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Attorney

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After an employee is injured on a construction site, this person can contact the employer to file a workers compensation claim. Many construction workers are contractors instead of employees, however, so they are ineligible for workers compensation. If they cannot work out an agreement for financial compensation with the company or its insurer, they may need to hire a Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford MA.

Accident Effects

Accidents on construction sites can cause severe physical injuries as well as emotional trauma and financial problems. Medical bills may be expensive and the person’s health insurance may not cover all of them. As the person is unable to work for weeks or even months, income is drastically reduced and regular bills may be difficult to pay. A Construction Accident Lawyer in Medford MA does not charge upfront fees; clients do not pay until they receive their settlement.

In these situations, insurance companies may try to avoid paying, especially because construction accident cases tend to involve a large amount of financial compensation. Workers can be seriously injured due to a fall, being struck by heavy objects falling from above, or being hit by a vehicle on the site. They qualify for temporary or permanent disability payments, but that income is substantially lower than the money they were earning as a construction contractor.

Verifying Negligence

Without the option of workers compensation, the man or woman who was hurt on the job may have to prove there was negligence on the part of the company or another worker who is an employee or contractor. An organization such as the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass conducts an investigation to find and verify this evidence. The lawyer also clears the worker of any negligence that could have caused the incident.

Lawyers can narrow down who actually is at fault, which can be a complex issue on a large construction site. More than one company often is represented, and there may be a workers union or two. Manufacturers of equipment may be scrutinized. Anyone dealing with this type of situation may Visit the website of one particular lawyer to schedule a consultation. You can also follow them on Twitter.