A Workers Compensation Attorney Can Protect Clients’ Rights

by | Oct 7, 2015 | Attorney, Bankruptcy, Lawyers, Legal Services

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Worker’s compensation insurers prefer to pay as little as possible in claims, and they are always looking out for ways to do it. If a person is injured on the job, they are legally entitled to receive benefits until they can go back to work. To reduce the risk of being denied benefits or having them terminated prematurely, workers should hire a Workers Compensation Attorney with us, and they should follow the rules listed below.

Report Injuries Without Delay

According to US worker’s comp laws, injured workers must report those injuries within thirty days or less. Although failing to report an injury right away may not bar a worker’s comp claim, there’s no sense in delaying. Insurers typically deny claims if the injury isn’t immediately reported. If a person is hurt at work, and they believe that the injury may cause them to miss any time on the job, they should report the incident to a supervisor. That is in accordance with state worker’s comp laws and it will increase the worker’s chances of getting their benefits.

Explain How the Injury Happened

An insurance company will typically deny a person’s claim if their medical records do not accurately describe the incident and the harm. Claimants should do their best to explain the injury to their doctors, including the fact that it happened on the job. The simpler a patient’s history, the more likely the chance of its being depicted correctly. Insurers and the worker’s comp system place substantial significance on the employee’s initial report, and it’s important for employees to describe circumstances and their injuries as accurately as they can.

Keep All Medical Appointments

It is important that an injured worker misses no medical appointments. If the claimant has a history of missing doctor’s appointments, the worker’s comp insurer may assume that the injury has healed or it isn’t as severe as was thought and they may look for reasons to terminate benefits early.

Consider Hiring Legal Representation

If a claimant has trouble getting the benefits to which they are legally entitled, they should think about calling a Workers Compensation Attorney. A consultation with an attorney can help a person learn more about worker’s comp, and it can help them learn more about their legal rights.