Advantages of Using Social Security Lawyers In Oakland To Claim Your Security Benefits

Many people who end up with disabilities depend mainly on benefits that have been provided under the Social Security laws. Despite the progressive laws covering social security benefits, eligible people usually wait for so long before they are able to access their funds. The disheartening reality is that most eligible people lose their benefits even where evidence is overwhelmingly supportive of their qualifications. Currently, figures for social security applications rejected by social security administration are alarming. Reports estimate that the Department of Social Security Administration turns down over 70% of applications. The good news is that not everything will be lost since 70% of rejected applications get final approval after consideration of appeals presented by Social Security Disability attorneys.

If you need to have an accurate application that will go uncontested, there is the need to hire a qualified social security lawyer to help. The process of applying and waiting for the feedback is a bumpy one, but with the help of a professional social security attorney, you can navigate this terrain to obtain what you are entitled to. Because of high chances of losing your initial applications, you have a million reasons to make things right the first time. Many people whose applications are rejected find out that some application papers did not find their way to the right office. Therefore, Social Security lawyers in Oakland will make sure that all documents are served with Social Security Administration Offices to eliminate the possibility of losing your application because of alleged lack of proper documentation.

Apart from helping you file the paperwork, social security lawyers will help you locate the best doctor who can prove your medical condition before an Administrative Law Judge listening to your appeal. The quality and provability of the medical records presented can influence the outcome of your case. Therefore, you should ensure to hire a competent social security lawyer who can network with the best medical professionals that can create a compelling evidence to support your case.

In the event your first claim is denied, Social Security lawyers in Oakland can help you by filing an appeal within 60 days of receipt of a denial letter from Social Security Administration. They will also prepare and appear for hearings in your appeal. In case the appeal doesn’t sail through, social security lawyers in Oakland will appeal the decision to the commission of Social Security. For more information, visit Ortega Disability Group as they have team of professionals that stand by your side till the end of the process.

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