Applying For Disability in Essex County

by | Aug 18, 2016 | Lawyers

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Applying for disability can often be a frustrating and time consuming process. Between gathering medical information, filing paperwork, and making it to doctor’s appointments, individuals can often find themselves not knowing what needs to be done next. And then, you sit and wait.

There are several requirements that have to be met in order to receive disability benefits. The determination of eligibility is accomplished through an application process. Some of the requirements you are going to have to meet include, being able to demonstrate that your injury or medical condition, regardless if it’s physical or mental, will be the reason for missing at least 12 consecutive months of work or will result with death over time. You will need to receive a declaration from a medical doctor that confirms the illness or condition in which you are currently suffering from. You are also going to have to verify that you have worked at least 5 out of the previous 10 years at SSD covered jobs.

It may be more difficult to accomplish and verify the required years of work experience if the individual seeking disability benefits is younger than 31 years of age. If you fall into this age group, receiving SSI over disability may be a more realistic option. Either way, there is a process that can often take a long period of time in order to apply for benefits.

The government requires a lot of detailed and specific information in order to complete the application process. It may often take between 3-5 months to receive notification on whether your application has been approved or denied. Additional information is often required to be submitted throughout this period of time.

In order to be approved, the Social Security Disability Administration will need a complete and a detailed medical history pertaining to the injury or medical condition responsible for the need of benefits. You will want to include detailed contact information for each individual doctor or medical staff that has treated you for the condition. You will also want to include a descriptive list of contact information for each employer you have worked for throughout the previous 15 years. Your age and the level of education you have received are also significant for the application process and will be a determining factor in the approval of your application. This is important because your education plays a factor in the type of employment and job functions you are capable of performing.