Attorney in Atlanta GA – Beware of Common Mistakes When You Choose One

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Lawyers

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If you are in a fix that could lead to legal implications, you need to hire the best lawyer. So, how do you choose? Usually, people rely on references and recommendations from friends, colleagues and relatives, which is not a bad thing. However, depending solely on references could lead to trouble. Read on below for 4 common mistakes which you could fall prey to while choosing an attorney.

Never ignore expertise
When you talk to people about good lawyers in town, you encounter people who say “That attorney based in Atlanta GA did a great job with my property case. I am sure that he’ll get you out of your DUI case successfully”. Well, if you believe this, you could be in serious trouble. The law is an enormous entity and every lawyer has skills in one small part of the law. There is nothing called “general practitioners” among attorneys these days. So, select a lawyer who thoroughly understands the law related to your case. A civil case expert can probably get you out of the messiest civil case, but he might fail miserably with the simplest DUI case.

Assumptions are precursors of disasters
When it comes to attorneys, never assume anything, be it with regard to their experience, expertise or promotional activities. Also, size does not always matter. So, it is wrong to assume that the biggest law firm is the best for you. Before zeroing in on a lawyer, make an effort and check out claims made by the law firm. Take a trip to the attorney’s office or make a phone call and talk to them about your case. You don’t have to hesitate to probe and ask pertinent questions. In matters regarding law, you need to thoroughly assure yourself of the attorney’s credibility.

Experience matters
Experience teaches a lawyer a whole lot of things which law schools don’t. Special observation, negotiation, perception and “thinking out of the box” skills are very essential, both for court settlements and out-of-court settlements. It takes time for lawyers to become proficient in their profession. Also, go in for lawyers who have specific experience about your legal requirement.

Do not go for the cheapest lawyer
You must have heard some of the millions of jokes and one-liners about how lawyers fleece their clients. In reality, not all attorneys try to milk their customers. The best lawyer in town is not always the costliest while the cheapest is not always the best choice. If you compromise on expertise and experience in order to knock a few dollars off the bill, you could end up paying a lot of more for appeals and re-appeals. Skills come first; costs come the last.

Choosing a lawyer is a very critical issue and a wrong choice could lead to numerous undesirable repercussions. Keep the above factors in mind and choose the most appropriate attorney for your case in Atlanta, GA.