Avoid the Backlog: Get Help When You Apply for Social Security Disability in Lansing

by | Feb 28, 2012 | Lawyers

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If you want to avoid an initial denial and getting stuck in a backlog of cases, get help when you apply for Social Security Disability in Lansing. USA Today reported last year that over 725,000 individuals were waiting on Social Security Disability benefits hearings. That number represented an increase of 5% from the year before.

A team at Syracuse University studied the data and concluded that hearing dockets are expected to become more and more crowded. As they do, wait times for a hearing will continue to grow and grow. Currently, those appealing Social Security Disability denials in Lansing can wait up to a year before their hearings. Some individuals across the country have waited as long as 514 days before their appeal has been heard.

The process is extremely cumbersome and frustrating. First, an application is made to the local agency. That agency reviews the Social Security Disability claim. If the claim is denied, it must be resubmitted. If it is denied again, the claimant can appeal to one of the Social Security Administration’s administrative law judges. All the while, as this process drags on, deserving individuals are going without needed benefits, awaiting the outcome of their appeal.

Fortunately, there is a way to apply for Social Security Disability claimants in Lansing so as to avoid the long backlog and frustrating process of appeals and hearings. Research has shown that initial claims are denied at a rate of approximately 70%. Various reasons are given for this incredibly high statistic. However, one of the most compelling is that initially, the paperwork is not filled out properly. In other words, claimants can wait up to two years to get their claims approved all because they made a clerical error.

A surefire way to ensure that such errors are not made is to enlist the help of a Social Security Disability attorney. An SSD attorney in Lansing has the benefit of years of experience in dealing with the Social Security Administration. Such an attorney knows and understands what the administration is looking for, what questions they might ask, and, most importantly in avoiding the backlog, what paperwork is required and how to fill it out properly when seeking to apply for benefits.

In addition, Social Security Disability attorneys have great success when it comes to being able to compile supporting evidence from doctors and former employers so that cases have a much more likely chance of being approved the first time through. With such a great track record for Social Security Disability attorneys, it only makes sense that anyone in the Lansing area who is going to apply for Social Security Disability or who has had a claim denied would utilize the services of an SSD attorney.