Child Support In Henderson NV Takes Expert Legal Counsel

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Law

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Expert family law attorneys can help you in your case for child support in Henderson NV. While Florida law is specific and outlines the required support, there are some cases in which parents cannot come to equitable terms. Unfortunately, there are cases in which one of the parents is hiding income or other assets in order for their income to be shown as lower, so their portion of child support is lessened. It is vital that when you suspect the other parent is concealing income, that you contact legal counsel immediately.

Florida Child Support Enforcement Program

This is a program under the state of Florida’s Department of Revenue. It was enacted to ensure that the child/children receive the child support awarded by the court. Each state is required by the United States Federal government to operate an enforcement program for child support. Parents in Florida that are having difficulty collecting the child support payments due can request intervention and assistance in collecting. Additionally, the program can also help prove paternity, obtain child support orders from the courts, enforce orders, and be involved in the changing of support orders.

Calculating Child Support Payments

Florida law is specific when it comes to the determination of child support payments. If you want an estimate, here are the following things to factor into the equation. Guidelines require that all income received by both parents be calculated as well as the number of children, the amount of expenses each parent pays, and the number of overnight visits the children have with each parent. Additional factors can include the cost of education, healthcare, and daycare. It is important in cases of child support in Henderson NV that you seek counsel from a family law attorney to help you through the case.

Who Pays What To Whom?

Under Florida law, the parent with primary physical custody is the recipient of child support payments from the parent that is considered the non-custodial parent. Further, the number of nights that children spend with each parent enters into the calculation. A non-custodial parent can reduce their child support payment when the child/children sleep over at their residence 72 or more nights per year. Throughout the course of child support, often financial situations change. Under the laws of the state, either parent can petition to have the child support award reevaluated due to a change in financial status such as a layoff, loss of job, medical illness, or for an increase in income.

Over the last 5 years the Florida legislature has made significant changes to both child custody and child support laws. It is essential that you know your rights under the law. Typically in Florida parents paying child support are required to do so until the child graduates from college or reaches 19 years of age. Of course, there are exceptions. Qualified family law attorneys with expertise in child support in Henderson NV are able to assist in your case.

Child support payments in the state of Florida is required to continue until the child graduates from high school or turns 19 years of age. A family law attorney with expertise in child support in Fernandina FL is your best avenue for securing equitable child support awards.To know more about child support attorney visit Pintar Albiston LLP. You can also connect them on Facebook.