Choosing A Disability Attorney In Oklahoma City, OK

by | Mar 21, 2013 | General

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Winning a disability claim can be the difference between going bankrupt and keeping your personal finances together. However, it can take years to win a claim and receive Social Security benefits. A reputable and qualified disability attorney in Oklahoma City, OK has a major impact on the outcome of these cases. Yet, some people don’t select the best attorney for the job.

This is not the time to hire a random attorney from the phonebook. Here are three tips to select the best disability attorney in Oklahoma City, OK.

Specialize In Security Law

Some people mistakenly believe that any lawyer is equipped to handle their disability claim. This couldn’t be further from the truth, as each lawyer specializes in a certain area of law. Most people wouldn’t consult a foot doctor for a heart problem. Likewise, it is pointless to consult a personal injury attorney or family law attorney for a disability claim. Choosing a lawyer that specializes in this area promises the best outcome. These lawyers are up-to-date on state laws and regulations, and they are familiar with local practices.

Select A Local Lawyer

Disability claims have no boundaries, and claimants can select a lawyer from any state. As a matter of fact, some disability attorneys advertise across multiple states. An out-of-state lawyer may be more cost-effective, and the attorney may have a good track record. However, it is often beneficial to select a local attorney.

An out-of-state attorney probably handles multiple disability claims in different states. And because of their large case loads, many do not meet with clients prior to court hearings. A local lawyer meets with claimants, plus they have a working relationship with local judges and medical experts. As a result, local lawyers can tailor their arguments to each judge’s personality.

Look For Personal Attention

Claimants should not expect their attorneys to hold their hand throughout the process or drop everything on a whim. However, it’s normal and reasonable to expect a certain measure of personal attention. A good disability attorney in Oklahoma City OK recognizes the importance of keeping claimants up-to-date on the status of their claims. This includes answering questions and providing reassurance. Many claimants are unable to work and need disability to care for their households. A good attorney never loses sight of their struggles and remains empathetic throughout the process.

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