Convincing Reasons to Hire an Attorney to Pursue Social Security Benefits

by | Sep 25, 2019 | Lawyers

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Applying for Social Security benefits can be a drawn-out and tedious process. Unless you suffer from a terminal illness, the chances are that you will be denied at least once if not multiple times. It could take you as long as five years or longer to win the benefits that you need to sustain yourself.

Rather than go through this process alone, you could shorten and make it easier by hiring a skilled lawyer to represent you. By retaining an experienced Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge, you could eventually win the payments that you need to support your livelihood.

Winning the First Case

People who are successful the first time that they go to a Social Security hearing are those who suffer from terminal illnesses and injuries and do not have long to live. People with pulmonary fibrosis, some types of cancer, and serious amputations that put their lives at risk are more apt to win their cases the first time and not have to appeal their cases.

Likewise, people who are blind or losing their eyesight also typically win their cases on the first appearance. However, when you do not have a terminal illness or loss of sight, you have to convince the court that you need the payments because you cannot work and earn an income.

Your lawyer can present evidence of your illness, such as medical records, testimony from witnesses, and psychiatric reports. With the help of a Social Security attorney in Oak Ridge, you could still win your case the first time that you go to court.

If you have to appeal a denial, you also need an attorney to file it right away for you. You can find out more about hiring a Social Security attorney online. Contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C. at