Defenses Against Drug Possession: How an Attorney Can Help

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Criminal Law, Lawyers

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Whether a person has been charged with intent to sell drugs or personal possession, a solid defense is required to beat the charges against them. There are various defenses that a person can use to help lower their punishment or even get the charges removed from their record. Unless, they have an extensive knowledge of these defenses it is important to hire a drug defense attorney in Oklahoma City, OK. A lawyer will know the state and federal laws that pertain to drugs and know which defense goes with the various charges a person can be facing.

Types of Defenses an Attorney Can Use

  • If the drugs did not belong to the person charged, an attorney will ask for the prosecuting officer to prove that the drugs did belong to the individual. If the state cannot prove their claim, a defense attorney can plead down a lesser charge or ask for it to be dismissed.
  • A drug defense attorney in Oklahoma City, OK can build a case of entrapment and prove their client would not have committed the crime if not coerced by undercover police officers.
  • A lawyer can file a motion to have the arresting officer investigated if their client claims the drugs were planted on them.
  • If the drugs were found through unlawful search and seizure, the attorney can fight that their client’s rights were violated and the charges should be dismissed.
  • If the drugs were not properly handled by the arresting officers or have gone missing from evidence, an attorney can ask the trial be dismissed for lack of evidence.

Know Your Rights by Contacting an Experienced Criminal Lawyer

From not reading your rights to failing to produce evidence, an attorney that specializes in drug charges will know how to build your defense. Taylor Mclawnhorn Attorney at Law has over 9 years of experience in defending clients against criminal charges against them. He is devoted to providing the personal services that his clients require to help provide them with a successful outcome on their drug charges.