Divorcing At-Home Parents Need Help from a Spousal Support Attorney in Athens, TN

by | Oct 11, 2018 | Lawyers

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Some people believe it’s a luxury to be a stay-at-home parent. Most of today’s families need two working parents just to make ends meet. However, because of childcare costs and other concerns, some parents do whatever is necessary to stay home. This situation works when the household is happy and the breadwinner has steady work, but problems arise when marriages fall apart. If this happens, the at-home parent may wonder what they’ll do for income. Here, at-home parents will learn how a Spousal Support Attorney in Athens TN can help them get the income needed to take care of the household.

Considering What’s Important

Many parents find themselves unsure whether they should return to work. If there are family members who can babysit, it’s a tremendous help. Those with school-age children should consider part-time work as it’s better than nothing and helps to keep the bills paid.

Negotiating Vigorously

Some at-home parents don’t want the other spouse’s money. They just want to exit the marriage gracefully. However, if the marriage has lasted more than ten years, the working spouse may owe a substantial amount in retirement benefits and spousal support. Even if the split is to be amicable, a Spousal Support Attorney in Athens TN can help a client get everything to which they’re entitled.

Considering the Costs

When the working spouse’s income is enough to allow the other spouse to stay home, budgeting is easy. However, during a divorce, sacrifices sometimes have to be made. Many at-home parents find that they can remain at home as long as they make a few simple cuts.

Getting Legal Assistance is Crucial

If an at-home parent finds themselves without a job and going through a divorce, they need help from a legal counselor. No one should go to court without the guidance and help of a divorce and spousal support lawyer. The state has laws protecting at-home parents, and finding the right attorney can make the difference between staying at home and going back to work. Visit the website for more details or call the firm of Chancey-Kanavos to schedule a no-obligation consultation.