Facts About The Social Security Disability Laws in Oklahoma City OK

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Law

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Tens of millions of people across the United States are challenged by some type of disability that prevents them from functioning as they normally should. While some people have a severe mental disability, others have minor disabilities that limit their functions. When a person has a disability, they typically file for Social Security disability insurance. If this is something you’re interested in doing, then you need to know the facts of Social Security Disability Law in Oklahoma City OK.

Fact 1: This insurance replaces lost income for ex-workers with disabilities.

The benefits from Social Security disability insurance are only to be given to those who’ve worked in the past. This is not insurance for any and everyone who’s injured themselves and who is unable to work. The recipient had to have been employed at a job that was covered by Social Security and they had to have paid into Social Security from their earnings.

Fact 2: The term “disability” is strictly defined by the Social Security program.

Due to the overwhelming number of false or misleading claims made by applicants, the Social Security disability program has had to strictly define what qualifies as a disability. Based on the Social Security Disability Law in Oklahoma City OK, a qualifying disability is one that causes a person to be unable to work for at least a year or more. This medical condition must prevent them from performing at their usual job or any other job as they normally would.

Fact3: The payments recipients will receive will be relatively sufficient.

Unfortunately, recipients shouldn’t expect much from the benefits that they’ll receive. This isn’t money that’ll completely replace the income you’re use to receiving. The Social Security disability payments an applicant receives are meant to supplement a portion of their regular income. The average monthly payments from this program are just a little over $1,000 ($1,165 to be exact). For a number of beneficiaries, the disability payments they receive each month are their sole source of income.

These are only a handful of the facts associated with Social Security disability. Visit Website.com to learn more about these benefits and how a person may be able to qualify. Again, only tax-paying workers may qualify for this program. The program is very strict about what qualifies as a disability. Lastly, payments are modest and just enough for basic needs.

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