Frequent Issues During Probate that an Attorney Can Assist With

by | May 26, 2017 | Lawyers

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When a loved one has passed away, it is a difficult time for the family. They are adjusting to the loss of a family member and dealing with the different emotions they experience with grief. During this time, it can be very emotional and confusing for everyone one that is involved. The last thing, they need to experience is a problem in probate court that can delay the process of the deceased person’s estate. An issue during probate can be emotionally and financially draining on the family. Even when a will has been left behind to designate who will inherit the property, a problem can occur that would require the assistance of a probate lawyer in Moline, IL.

Problems that a Lawyer Can Help Solve

  • They can help with any legal matters that involve property that is located overseas. There are different inheritance laws in each country and will require an attorney to help settle.
  • The beneficiaries that want to alter the will to lessen the amount of taxes paid on inheritance or they want to pass the property onto another relative.
  • If the will is to be altered a probate lawyer in Moline, IL can assist in gaining approval from the court on the alterations.
  • In cases where the inheritance is jointly distributed, an attorney can help solve any disagreement the beneficiaries are having.
  • They can assist in in cases where a person is contesting the will that the deceased person left behind.
  • A lawyer can provide advice on any issues that do occur to minimize how long the estate is tied up in probate court.

A Solution to a Probate Problem Can be Found with an Experienced Lawyer

For 20 years, David J. Franks Attorney at Law has been providing legal assistance on a variety of estate planning matters. He has the knowledge and experience you require in helping solve any problem that you may experience during the probate process of an estate. You can minimize the stress that probate can cause and the amount of time the estate is tied up in the court system before being distributed with an experienced attorney.