Get More Information From A Criminal Defense Attorney In Grand Forks, ND

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Criminal Law

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Defendants need an attorney from the moment of arrest. That is because the defendant may not get a bond. Indeed, some crimes do have pre-set bonds but anyone accused of a serious felony must go to court.

Asking The Judge For A Bond

A criminal defense attorney in Grand Forks ND must file a motion asking for a bond. Judges base their decision on the severity of the crime and the defendant’s life. They want the defendant to have roots in the community and a job.

Meeting The Attorney For The First Time

Defendants need to be prepared to help with the case. It is important to tell the criminal defense attorney in Grand Forks ND everything. Frequently, defendants leave out information because they are embarrassed. The attorney is not there to judge anyone. Rather, they must build a winning defense.

The Criminal Process

The defendant must have a preliminary hearing in many jurisdictions. Usually, a police officer testifies about the crime and why the defendant was arrested. Afterward, a judge determines whether there is probable cause to hold the defendant. In most instances, the judge sides with the prosecution at this hearing.

The defendant must announce whether they are pleading guilty or not guilty at the arraignment. Later, the prosecutor formally presents the charges to the defendant. A flurry of incoming information keeps the attorney busy during this time.

Prosecutors turn over all the evidence to the defense attorney. In turn, the attorney must file motions based on the evidence. Examples include motions to suppress and motions to dismiss. Simultaneously, defense investigators are tracking down witnesses for interviews and looking for new witnesses.

Presenting A Defense

The attorney’s goal is to find an alternative theory of the crime. This includes presenting other suspects and an alibi for the client. In the end, the attorney must be able to plant the seed of reasonable doubt.

It is always a plus to have an attorney who knows the players at the courthouse. They know what prosecutors may negotiate a plea. Sometimes, the attorney thinks this is in the client’s best interest. Anyone facing charges should get more information on an attorney’s website.