Getting Divorced? Call a Family Mediation Attorney in Gonzales, LA

by | Apr 18, 2017 | General

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Mediation is a familiar and successful way of resolving contractual disputes, accident claims, labor cases and many other types of disputes. Mediation is not required in divorce cases unless the court orders it to resolve custody or visitation questions. However, the services of a family mediation attorney in Gonzales LA could be very helpful in many family situations.

Mediation can be very helpful when compared to going to court.

Mediation is Cost-Effective

Mediation can save a substantial amount of money for a divorcing couple, but the same principle applies to other family disputes. One mediator is being hired instead of two attorneys. Mediation is also dependent upon the two parties being able to work together, even if not happily. This can dramatically decrease hourly charges. In a divorce, mediation usually costs as much as 60% less than a traditional divorce.

Work Out the Solution Yourself Instead of Having it Imposed by the Court

People know what will work best for them. They are also usually aware of what will and will not work for the other party. Somewhere in the middle is a solution that both can live with. Working out your own solution is almost always better – and is certainly cheaper – than being forced to live with a solution imposed by a judge who doesn’t know either party.

How Mediation Works

A mediator is trained and impartial and won’t take sides with either party or make any decisions for them. Instead, the mediator assists in reaching an agreement. This agreement can be very unique because each situation is unique. Since a mediator is not allowed to take any action that is binding on the involved parties, mediation offers a safe, neutral environment. If mediation should fail for some reason, it’s always possible to go to court.

Mediation often makes it easier for the parties to get along in the future since they didn’t go through a court battle. This can be very important when there are children.

Timothy E. Pujol is a certified family mediation attorney in Gonzales LA and Senior Partner at Pujol, Pryor & Irwin. The firm has mediated more than 1,000 cases and has a success rate of 90%. Contact us if you’re considering getting divorced or have a serious family dispute. Visit the website or call 225-644-0607 for a free initial consultation.