Getting Help From Social Security Disability Lawyer in Missouri is Easy

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Law

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If you are facing a physical or mental condition that is keeping you from being able to work, the effects on your life can be devastating. With a permanent loss of income, you may feel like you are drowning in your debt and unable to provide for your needs. When such an injury or illness takes you out of the working world, there is hope. Through Social Security disability, you can file a claim and work towards getting the benefits that you deserve for your permanent medical condition.

Many people try to first file for disability on their own. They do not understand how confusing the process can be so they get through the paperwork, thinking that they have filled out everything in its entirety, only to get a denial letter in the mail a few weeks later. To someone who is already going through so much, this can create even more stress. If you have begun the process and were denied, hiring one of the Social Security Disability lawyers in Missouri can greatly help. Through the representation of one of these attorneys, you can file an appeal and this will allow your case to be heard before a judge.

If your disability case is appealed, the attorney will prepare to give proof of your disability through your medical records, doctor’s statements and even your physcian’s testimony. The judge will look over all of the evidence, making his or her final ruling on whether you will be given approval on your claim. With approval, you can finally get the back payments that you have been waiting for since you started your very first claim process. This will then set you up for monthly benefit payments. It is important that you stay under the care of your physician because you will sometimes have your Social Security re-certified and may need to provide proof that you are still completely disabled. The Social Security Disability lawyers in Missouri can give you more information on these requirements so that you are prepared.

If you are in need of help with your disability, contact the Grundy Disability Group today for your free consultation. They are there to help you get an approval on your claim.