Hiring An Attorney In Walker, MN To Acquire a Protection Order

by | Jun 9, 2015 | Attorney

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Domestic violence and abuse are heinous offenses. When these occurrences are involved in divorce proceedings, it is necessary for the court to take action to protect the victim. This task is accomplished by issuing an order of protection. Any victim of these offenses may file a motion through the Cass County court to acquire this court order by hiring an Attorney in Walker MN.

Order of Protection

In Cass County, the issuance of an order of protection is performed by a family court judge. The document lists all offenses in which the violator has been accused. Through this order, the judge is informing him or her to refrain from participating in these activities or the court will issue a warrant for their arrest.

The petitioner must provide clear evidence of the actions listed in the document. For instance, if domestic violence is the issue, she or he should provide evidence of prior arrests for these offenses or physical evidence implying that they were abused. An attorney will acquire photographs of any bruises or bodily harm sustained by the victim.

The court will outline stipulations within this court order to protect the victim from the aggressor. For instance, the offended is restrained from visiting areas in which the victim may venture. This will include the victim’s residence, properties owned by their family, and possibly the school in which their child attends.

If the offender is an alcoholic or abuses drugs, he or she is informed in this document to refrain from participating in these activities whenever their child is present. In these cases, it is probable to believe that the court will require supervised visitation. A court liaison is assigned to the case for these purposes.

At any time that the offender violates any stipulation of the court-order, he or she is arrested immediately. All violations of this court may provide leverage for the petitioner to acquire full custody of any children produced during this marriage. They could also present more evidence that the spouse is a risk to the children and the petitioner. Whenever a victim requires an Attorney in Walker MN to acquire an order of protection, she or he should Contact Business Name.