How Can A Social Security Disability Attorney Help You?

by | Feb 23, 2015 | Attorney

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Ever since inception in 1935; Social Security in the United States has been providing a monthly income to workers who have reached the age of retirement and to people who cannot work because they suffer from a physical or mental disability. A Social Security disability attorney in Orange county has in-depth knowledge of the rules and laws that apply to the application for and the granting of Social Security disability benefits. This legal professional is often called upon right at the beginning of the process while in other situations the claimant will process the initial application unaided and then call upon the attorney once the initial application is denied; which unfortunately is the greatest majority of the time.

Receiving Social Security disability benefits is not an automatic procedure, as the applicant you have to demonstrate to the administration that you are genuinely disabled to the point where you are not in a position to perform any sizeable work for pay. Upon receipt of the application for benefits it is subjected to careful scrutiny, the individual assigned to vet the application adheres to a very rigid and detailed process to determine if the application meets the full criteria needed for approval or not. This process includes a review of the applicants work history and medical records. Although many applicants forego legal assistance at this time a Social Security disability attorney in Orange County can be very helpful as they know exactly what proof the SSA are looking for, they can advise their clients at this time the best way of proving the disability.

The fortunate applicant will have his or her application approved on the first submission, the truth however is that the greatest majority of first time applications are denied. It is once the application Hs been denied that a seasoned disability attorney is needed. There are a number of phases in the application process, if and when the initial application is denied the attorney will request that the application be reconsidered, if this fails the attorney will request that the case be heard in front of an administrative judge. It is at this time when you, your attorney and the judge meet, your attorney has the opportunity to forcefully argue on your behalf, providing sufficient detailed information and date to support the contention that you are truly disabled and the disability is such that the client cannot perform the requirements of their job.

Even this initial appearance before an administrative judge is no guarantee of success; if this fails the attorney will file the case with the appeals council. The appeals council meets behind closed doors; their task is to review everything that has previously transpired to ensure it is in complete accordance with the prevailing rules. In many cases the application is approved at this point but if not, the case can be taken directly to a US district court for adjudication.

Making a winning application for disability benefits is complex; it is always in the best interest of the applicant to work with a seasoned Social Security disability attorney in Orange County. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen. Browse the site for more information.