How Can Injury Attorneys in Tucson, AZ Help You Get a Bigger Settlement?

by | Nov 7, 2016 | Lawyers

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Dealing with the aftermath of any serious injury can be difficult, but it can be especially burdensome when a person has been injured because of another. While most individuals would like to think they could get a fair settlement on their own, the truth is, many victims end up settling for less than their injuries deserve when they attempt to settle without the help of the injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ. With this information, injured victims can discover how an attorney can help them get a larger settlement offer.

There are several reasons an attorney can help a victim get a larger settlement.

* Because of the work they have done on other claims, they know how to properly gauge a claim’s worth. When an attorney is working for a client, the client can rest assured they will know the true value of their claim so they are not forced to settle for less. Trying to figure this amount without legal intervention can be extremely difficult.

* Often, the insurance company will be unfair when they know a claimant is not represented by an attorney. If the insurance company knows the victim has an attorney, they are more likely to be fair in their settlement offer because they know court could be a threat.

* Attorneys work hard to go through negotiations with an insurance company, and they know when to accept an offer and when to refuse. They will refuse to settle for less than they know they can get from the insurance company and will push for more if it is not being offered.

* In some cases, an attorney can help a victim seek punitive damages so they can receive a greater amount for their settlement. While not all injuries meet the requirements for filing for punitive damages, an attorney can help a client discover if theirs does.

With the help of the injury attorneys in Tucson, AZ, injured clients can typically receive greater settlement amounts than they would on their own. For more information on how an attorney can help you, visit us website. They will be glad to assist you through the entire process of pursuing your settlement.