How Do the Car Accident Lawyers in Charles County, MD Help Injured Victims?

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Accident Lawyer

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While every car accident does not require the help of a lawyer, there are some serious accidents that do. Most seriously injured victims can find it beneficial to consult a lawyer even if they feel their claim is progressing fairly. Meeting with the car accident lawyers in Charles County MD allows victims to discover more information about their rights and what can be done in the pursuit of their claims. With this information, injured victims can better understand how a lawyer can help.

Before the consultation meeting with the car accident lawyers in Charles County MD, it is important an injured victim does all they can to gather information. Although the lawyer will perform their own investigation of the accident, accurate information from the client will help to prevent needless delays. This information will also be used to assist the lawyer in determining whether or not they should take on the case.

Once a lawyer takes over an injury case, it is imperative the client follows all instructions given. The injured victim should never sign paperwork or agree to any settlement without their lawyer carefully reviewing it. Failure to follow the advice of the lawyer can result in an adverse outcome. The state of Maryland gives injured victims three years from the date of their accident to file a lawsuit.

One of the biggest obstacles to receiving fair compensation in the state of Maryland is the Contributory Negligence law. If the other driver can prove the injured plaintiff had some fault in causing the accident, such as speeding, the victim will not be able to collect any money from the other driver even if that driver holds much of the percentage of fault. If a victim is being blamed by the other driver, it is especially important legal counsel is sought.

If you have been seriously injured in an accident that was not your fault, it is imperative you learn all you can about your rights and your best legal recourse. To get started on the process and obtain further information, contact us. With the help of a lawyer, you can rest assured your case will be in good hands.