How to Find and Work with a Bail Bondsmen in Pontiac

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Lawyers

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So your friend has been arrested for a crime they may or may not have committed, and now you’re finding yourself trying to figure out a way to pay their bail so that they can be released from jail as quickly as possible. If you can’t come up with the bail money on your own, you’re going to have to find and utilize the services of a Bail Bondsmen, but you might not know where to begin. Often the courts can provide you with a resource, but he may or may not be the bondsman you want to use. He might be just fine, but there may be others around that you might want to look in to as well, assuming your friend wants to kick around in jail for an extra couple of hours.

You’re going to want a Bail Bondsmen who can respond as quickly as possible in order for your friend to be released as quickly as possible. Of course, how quickly he will pay your bail also has a bit to do with how quickly you can have his up front fee delivered to him, usually 10% of the bail cost and often expected in cash, though some may accept credit cards as well, which can make paying the fee a bit easier. Most bail bonds agencies have bondsmen on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you’ll want to be sure this is the case with the agency you select in the event that it’s the middle of the night on a Wednesday.

When you select your Bail Bondsmen in Pontiac, you’ll need to go down to the jail and meet him there in order to pay, and of course to glare angrily at your friend who made you come down to the jail in the middle of the night on a Wednesday just to pay his bail. The bondsman will likely require some information from you, such as your name and address and will probably ask you for a cosigner as well, though this is information he likely will have told you already when you made your initial phone call to him. He will also need all of the information on your jailed friend prior to paying for his release, as this will be the person that the Bail Bondsmen is going to hunt down should your friend fail to make his court appearances and/or follow the terms of his release.

On a serious note, you may also consider using an agency that also offers some amount of legal services in addition to posting bail money. At a minimum they should be able to refer to you to an attorney or explain to you any conditions for release that may not have been fully understood.