How to Hold a Doctor Accountable for Your Injuries in Tucson, AZ

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Attorney

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Medical malpractice cases may start with just a patient injury. However, if the patient dies because of their injuries, their family may have a wrongful death lawsuit. Catastrophic injuries, such as brain injuries, could cause fatalities. With lawyers for medical malpractice in Tucson, AZ, patients or their families could collect compensation for all financial losses.

Medical Records of Your Injuries

Your medical records show what injuries you sustained and what treatment you need. In addition, corrective surgeries performed after the injuries appear in the files; all information helps support your case. Requesting the records before filing a lawsuit could ensure you get all the documents. Hiring lawyers for medical malpractice in Tucson, AZ helps you get these files before they are altered.

Witnesses for Medical Malpractice Cases

Any medical staff that saw what happened could provide testimony for your case. Attorneys can secure witnesses through depositions and get more details about what the doctor did. Failures or deliberate acts are proven through compelling evidence, and witness testimony could substantiate your claim against the doctor.

Medical Witnesses for Your Case

During a medical malpractice case, another doctor testifies according to what appears in your medical records. The witness determines if the doctor followed the appropriate steps for treating you and if an alternative treatment could’ve prevented your injuries.

Surgical errors could lead to severe injuries and fatalities. After a patient sustains a catastrophic injury, they or their family could take legal action to collect compensation or punish the doctor. Understanding your rights after a doctor causes an injury helps you make appropriate decisions about a legal claim.