Important Information From Car Crash Attorneys in Surprise AZ

by | May 5, 2015 | Law

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Facing the aftermath of a car crash often proves problematic in many ways. Not only does the accident victim have to deal with their injuries and damages, but they must also face the insurance company. Regrettably, most insurance companies do not offer near what a person’s claim is actually worth, and they will never settle for more than the policy amount covers. This can leave a person being left to pay for their own medical and repair expenses. This is why many injured victims ask for help from Car Crash Attorneys in Surprise AZ.

There are several steps Car Crash Attorneys in Surprise AZ will take to begin pursuing compensation for their client. The first step will be to contact the insurance company. In some cases simply hearing from an attorney can assist a case in being settled. In many cases, arbitration must be carried out to reach a fair settlement. Arbitration is overseen by a judge or attorney. If arbitration is successful, there will be no need for a court case.

In some instances, arbitration and even mediation meetings prove unfruitful in settling a claim. This is when an attorney must file a complaint in court. The complaint states the basics of the case. After the complaint has been filed, a court date will be scheduled, and both parties will be required to attend.

Whether an attorney is able to reach a settlement through mediation, arbitration or court, clients can rest assured their rights will be fully protected at all times. It is the goal of the attorney to get as much compensation as possible for his client.

When an attorney is hired, they work for their client on contingency. A contingency attorney does not receive payment unless his client wins. Many people feel better about hiring an attorney when this guarantee is offered.

Car crash victims can receive the legal help they need by contacting the Garrison Law Firm. They have helped many people to get the fair compensation they need for their injuries and damages. Contact them today and schedule an appointment to learn more about your rights.