In Jail? Find a Bail Bond Agent to Post Bail in Fort Collins, CO

Not everyone who gets arrested is a career criminal or guilty of the crime they are charged with. It is devastating for a person to be wrongly accused and end up in jail. They must figure out how to find a lawyer and to post bond. Their lawyer will arrive as soon as possible and help them negotiate their arraignment hearing. That’s where they hear the formal charges, plead innocent or guilty, and learn if they qualify for bail. Once they know the amount of the bail, then they will have to find a bond company to help them post bail in Fort Collins, CO.

The task of finding a bail bond company might fall to an emotional spouse or parent. They may be afraid to call a bail bond agent because they think that the person on the other end of the phone will berate them. This is not the case. Bail bond companies rely on repeat business. Therefore, they treat their clients with compassion and respect. The confused family member will find the bail bond agent in Fort Collins, CO who answers the telephone to be very helpful. They understand the system and can easily explain it.

Most bail bond companies pay about 90 percent of the bond, so the defendant must come up with the remaining amount. They will also have to pay a fee. Each company has a different fee, so it may pay to call several in the area. Bail bond agents accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Some will even create an individualized payment plan.

The bail bond applicant will have to fill out a detailed application form. Bail in Fort Collins, CO is a guarantee that they will appear in court whenever the judge requires it. If they fail to appear, then a bench warrant is issued for their arrest. A bail bond agent in Fort Collins, CO must either find the defendant or forfeit the bond. So, it’s no surprise that the bail application requests the information needed to identify and find the defendant if they don’t appear. If the defendant fails to answer any question fully and truthfully, it is a felony. Their bail will also be revoked. Contact Alda P & Ron’s Bonds today.

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