Injured Employees Get the Benefits They Deserve With a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington, VT

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Law

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Every individual who is employed has the right to workers compensation when injured at the work site. Workers compensation law provides a financial safety net for individuals who are injured and out of work. Every employer is bound by law to have workers compensation insurance for their employees. If an employee ever gets hurt, that insurance is used to pay for medical treatment and to replace income while healing from the injury. Depending on the injury and how long it’s expected to last, employees could be eligible for a number of benefits. When certain qualifications are met, the employee can get temporary or permanent disability. The family of a person who died from a work injury can get death benefits. Vocational rehab is available to those who can recover their health.

An injured employee must take prompt action. Benefits can be denied if the employee waits too long to report the injuries and seek workers compensation. It’s advisable to get a Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT, to ensure employees get all the benefits they are eligible for. A lawyer is also valuable to separate civil litigation cases that are filed when a co-worker caused the injury. Those in the process of getting workers compensation should be wary of doctors referred by the employer’s insurance to give health evaluations. Chances are, these doctors are affiliated with the insurance company. They may work in the insurance companies favor and downplay the estimated cost for medical care and rehabilitation. Every injured employee has the right to use their own doctor.

Construction work site environments can be some of the most dangerous of all. Construction work injuries can be severe and deadly. Many workers suffer injuries that have lifelong consequences. Death benefits to families are often the result of fatal construction accidents. A Work Injury Lawyer in Burlington VT can help surviving family members of employees who died in construction accidents get death benefits. You can click here to get more information.

The type of benefits a family gets can vary. Many families get much less than what they rightfully deserve when benefits are sought out without using a lawyer. The skilled legal team of McVeigh Skiff LLP assess the work-related death and the needs of the family in the aftermath. They make their own estimate for the compensation the family should get and work to see survivors are treated fairly.