Injury Lawyers in Vail Can Help Shoppers Who Have Been Hurt

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Lawyers

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Most people don’t think shopping is only dangerous to their bank account. However, injuries related to shopping, such as slip-and-fall accidents, account for thousands of injury claims every year in the United States. Some of these injuries involve the owner’s failure to keep the premises safe or to warn shoppers of dangers. Below is a brief listing of injuries that occur in public places.

Injuries Related to Shopping

The shopping injury category is broad and it describes injuries that occur during visits to retail establishments. While many injuries are minor, serious harm can include head trauma, broken bones, spinal injuries and death. The frequency of injuries increases during times of heavy demand, such as the holidays. Accidents can include:

     *     Slip and falls due to wet flooring, torn carpets, poor lighting and failed escalators

     *     Body and head injuries from falling objects or those that are out of a customer’s reach

     *     Injuries related to shopping carts

     *     Trampling and other overcrowding hazards

     *     Injuries in parking lots, usually due to cracked pavement or lack of snow/ice removal

Personal Injury Claims

A person who is hurt in a retail establishment can usually file a claim under state negligence law. Under the doctrine of premises liability, store managers must take reasonable steps to ensure that the premises are safe from hazardous conditions. For instance, owners must clean spills and remove fallen objects quickly and they must fix broken stairs and lighting. Adequate security must be provided at all times.

Possible Defenses for Store Owners

A store owner facing a personal injury suit may raise several defenses. They can claim that there was no danger or that they were unaware of it. If the store owner took steps to correct the situation or if the condition was obvious, the defense could stand. Customers and injury lawyers in Vail who cannot prove that their injuries were caused by the danger or those who behaved negligently, cannot sue for personal injury.

What Injured People Should Do

If one is injured while shopping, they should Visit Heckman & O’Connor and discuss the case with injury lawyers in Vail. A lawyer can help the client determine the store’s fault for their injuries as well as help him or her recover damages for the losses suffered.