Is It Easy To File For Workers Comp In NY?

by | May 9, 2013 | Attorney

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Every day across the world people are injured at their jobs, New York is no exception. With all of the companies and businesses, there are many Workers Comp NY claims every year. When a worker finds themselves in this position they may wonder what they should do next. Filing for workers compensation is fairly simple, being paid what is owed is not always that easy. Just because, a company starts out paying their injured employee, does not mean that they will continue. Many employees find themselves without a check after many weeks and even months of getting paid. This can be a difficult position for the employee to be in. Just because the company decides to stop paying, does not mean that the employees bills do not still need to be paid.

When a worker finds themselves in the position of being on workers compensation they should hire a lawyer. There are lawyers that specialize solely in workers comp. These lawyers will be able to help their clients get the money that they deserve. They may not be able to keep the checks from being stopped, but they can make sure that their clients do get their money sooner or later. Having an attorney from the beginning can definitely decrease the amount of time that a person will have to wait for their settlement. An attorney can sometimes make the difference between even getting a settlement or not. Many companies have very skilled lawyers that can keep an employee from getting the money they are owed. This is why the employee needs a skilled lawyer in their corner.

Many people choose not to hire an attorney right away because they do not feel that they need one. They feel since they are being honest about their injury and they are receiving benefits that they do not need a Workers Comp NY attorney. Unfortunately, simply being right is not always enough, the worker may find themselves in a situation where they need to prove that they were injured on the job. If a person is not sure if they need a lawyer or not, many attorneys offer free consultations. The attorney can take a look at the case and then advise them. It is better to be proactive when it comes to workers compensation benefits.