Is It Possible To Speed Up A Social Security Disability Case?

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Law

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Getting approval for Social Security disability benefits can be a long, drawn out affair, hiring a skilled Social Security lawyer in Gloucester to handle your case may result in speedier results.

There are a few ways that a Social Security lawyer might speed up the approval process. Although there are no guarantees that any lawyer can fast-track the application for benefits, there are certain things that a seasoned lawyer knows that might just result in getting the application approved quicker.

First round approval:

There is absolutely no doubt that the fastest way to get approval of an application for disability benefits is to get it based on the content and details of the initial application. In the majority of cases, if the initial application is not approved, you are looking at a year or more to be called to an appeals hearing. A lawyer that knows, based on experience and knowledge  of the laws, rules and regulations, can certainly increase the likelihood of success. When you engage the services of a Social Security lawyer in Gloucester at the time of the initial application the lawyer can:

   *   Ensure that the application is filled out properly, demonstrate how you meet the qualifications and cannot work.

   *   Collect all the medical evidence that is needed to prove to the administration that you are impaired.

   *   Solicit input from your medical practitioners.

At the hearing stage:

If the initial application is denied, the case will be sent for a hearing in the presence of an administrative law judge. If your disability puts you in dire financial straits a Social Security lawyer can often get the hearing scheduled earlier. Prior to the hearing your lawyer will brief you on what type of questions to expect and how to best convey the specifics of your condition to the judge.

Although there are no guaranteed ways to speed up approval of your disability application, a Social Security lawyer in Gloucester can certainly increase the possibility of such. Visit us at to know more.