Issues Surrounding Workers Compensation: Attorney Naples Professionals Offer Insight

by | Feb 14, 2013 | Personal Injury

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Worker compensation laws are in place to protect injured employees and reimburse them for medical expenses and wages lost due to workplace injuries. In most situations, the employer is legally required to provide compensation insurance for anyone who suffers an illness or becomes hurt performing their normal workplace activities. Quite often, compensation laws are complex and confusing and vary with each state. Most work-related injuries are minor in nature, although some can be severe. A workers compensation attorney in Naples professional is often needed to represent these injured victims.

Types of Workplace Injuries
There are many ways people become injured on the job. Some of the more common include repetitive motion, machine related, trauma from falling objects, hernia and back injuries from lifting, exposure to toxic and dangerous chemicals, and slipping and falling on wet surfaces. In fact, several million workers are injured nationwide each year. Even with increased efforts to minimize injuries in the workplace, these incidences continue to occur sometimes with long recovery periods including permanent disability.

Denied Benefit Appeal
In most areas, the law requires that an injured or sick worker notify their employer of their condition within a reasonable period of time following an incident. If this is not adhered to properly, the benefit request may be denied. There are also cases in which the employer decides to fight the validity of the claim. They may state the injury was not due to hazardous conditions or the employee was at fault. Because negligence in the workplace can be difficult to prove, it’s essential to have a skilled attorney available when a client is denied benefits.

Worker Compensation Eligibility
Not everyone is eligible for worker compensation coverage. If an individual is an independent contractor and not an actual employee, even if they are routinely on the premises to provide services, they are not covered. A legal practitioner can determine a person’s eligibility under their state law. There can also be situations in which part-time or seasonal workers are not included. Additionally, some companies may be exempt from providing worker compensation if they have a minimal staff.

Reducing Injuries on the Job
Employers are taking more measures to try and minimize the number of workplace injuries. One way to mitigate the threat of an injury is through proper training. An educated and informed employee is less likely to become involved in an accident as they are aware of potential threats and hazards. This is especially important in industries that use heavy machinery. A workers compensation attorney Naples legal provider works closely with injured employees to obtain compensation when a workplace injury occurs.


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