Key Reasons to Retain an Experienced Local SSI Attorney in Houston, TX

by | Apr 18, 2024 | Social Security Attorneys

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When you first became disabled, you might have failed to understand what kind of legal process lied ahead of you to obtain Social Security benefits. You might have thought the process would be rather easy and convenient.

In fact, the legal process can involve numerous legal hurdles that you have no idea of how to overcome on your own. Instead, you can hand off your case to a representative like an experienced SSI attorney in Houston, TX to file and pursue for you.

Legal Finesse

At first glance, you may have no idea of what the application for these benefits asks of you. You may have few ideas of how to answer the questions or what kind of information to put down on the application that you will submit to the court.

Your lawyer, however, has the legal finesse to know what the application is asking for and what kind of details you need to include with it. He or she can also ensure the application arrives to the proper court clerk and gets on the court’s docket as quickly as possible.

Your SSI attorney in Houston, TX may also be able to appear in court hearings with you and answer many of the judge’s questions on your behalf. You can find out more about hiring one of these legal representatives online. To set up a consultation and find out if you have a valid case, contact the Law Office of Gerard Lynch.