Knowing When to Hire an Injury Lawyer Atlanta Firm

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Personal Injury

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When you’ve been involved in any type of injury case, it might be difficult to determine if you need to hire an injury attorney. There may be some cases where a professional may not be necessary, but how do you know if your case is one of those times? Here are some things to consider so you can decide if you need to hire an injury lawyer Atlanta firm to fight for your rights and compensation.

Injuries with Long-Term Effects
If you were seriously injured in an accident – whether it’s a car accident or any other kind of accident – you should hire a personal injury attorney. Serious injuries can have long-term effects that you might not even know about for several years. But a qualified attorney will have experts testify on your behalf to show a jury that you will have repercussions from the injuries you sustained in the accident for many years, if not a lifetime. With the help of an injury lawyer Atlanta professional, you can get compensated for your current medical bills and the ones that you will incur for the next 10, 20 or even 30 years or more.

The Insurance Company Wants to Settle
Are you getting calls and letters from the other party’s insurance company trying to convince you to settle the case out of court? If so, they are probably offering you very little money in order to settle. While the offer may seem generous, you should never take it without consulting with an attorney that is going to be on your side. Insurance companies want cases like these out of their way and they will often try to settle quickly to make that happen. But the money you deserve is often much more than what they are willing to offer. Your injury attorney can often negotiate a better settlement or decide if you have a better chance by going to a court trial.

Filing the Proper Paperwork
Filing paperwork for a personal injury case is essential. Not only that, it’s also important to file it on time. Each state has a different statute of limitations regarding filing paperwork for accident claims. You should hire an injury lawyer Atlanta professional to complete your paperwork so it will be done correctly and on time. If it’s not filed by the state’s deadline, you could forfeit any legal right to sue the other party for compensation for medical bills and other expenses.