Making a Solid Case for Compensation

After you have been hurt at work, you may worry about your future. Your thoughts may race from will you be able to keep your job to how can you earn an income to support your family.

These questions and trying to find the answers to them take away from your real priority, which involves healing from your injury or illness and also pursuing compensation for it, then hiring an experienced workers compensation attorney Mobile AL accident victims like you can hand off your major concerns to someone who is trained and ready to represent you in your upcoming case today.

Your case will begin by you claiming your employer’s insurance policy. This policy is in place to protect injured workers like you. However, your company and the insurer both may not want to pay out any money because of the cost that the employer will incur.

Still, when you retain a workers compensation attorney Mobile AL victims like you may find out quickly that you are entitled to money from the insurance claim without any worry of reprisal from your employer. Your employer cannot by law fire you or transfer you to another position. The company also cannot cut your hours or drop your benefits because you were injured on the job and made a workers comp claim.

Along with helping you make a claim, your attorney can also file suit against your employer and the insurer if necessary. The lawsuit can request compensation for lost wages both now and in the future if you cannot go back to work.

Your employer may want to settle the lawsuit out of court. You should have your attorney review the settlement offer before you accept it.

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