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by | Aug 27, 2012 | Attorney

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Drug abuse is no longer just for the streetwalkers or the gangs in the cities but people in the suburbs are finding themselves addicted to drugs.  They may not be the drugs of the past where you are forced to share dirty needles with others and make deals in dark alleys but they are still drugs.  These are the drugs you get in the comfort of your family physician’s office.  You may take your children in one day to be seen and the next day you are getting drugs to feed your habit.  This abuse can take a turn for the worse when you are found guilty of drug possession, you will need to hire a drug attorney in Milwaukee to defend you.

The drugs you have on your person may be a legitimate prescription and in that case, an attorney can have the charges dropped.  Too many times with addicts, they are not their own prescription.  This is not too uncommon even with what seem to be normal, law-abiding citizens.  That is the problem with addiction.  It can hit any person in any demographic.  The important thing to remember with drug abuse is that it can be stopped and the person can be helped. It may take years and they may resist at every turn but it is important to try.  This is where an empathetic drug attorney in Milwaukee can be of great help to person or family trying to overcome drug addiction.

When a person is addicted to a drug, even a prescription drug, they will do whatever necessary to fulfill that need.  This may mean stealing or doing other illegal things.  It is not really the person doing those things but their addiction and a drug attorney in Milwaukee can help a judge and jury to remember this.  While the addict may still be convicted of the crime they committed, they may receive a reduced sentence. The best outcome would be a conviction but also treatment.  The person may be forced to attend a rehabilitation center where they can get the professional help they so desperately need.  This may help them kick their addiction and become their old selves again.  An attorney pleading your case can present the addict as a good person but one with a problem and that is the most favorable light the judge and jury should see the person.  Without a conviction or consequences, the addict may not get the help they need.

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