Motorcyclist Killed During Traffic Stop

by | Jun 28, 2012 | Law

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Houston police had just pulled over a motorcycle and were about to ask the biker to pull over to a safer location when another vehicle sideswiped the police car and ran over the cyclist, resulting in the biker’s death. The driver of the pickup had a BAC beyond the amount allowed by law when he hit the motorcyclist.

Officers with the Houston Police Department were on the feeder road of the South Freeway just before the Yellowstone exit when they spotted a motorcyclist run a red light. When they signaled to the motorcycle to pull over, the driver did so, but on a narrow entrance ramp to the freeway. As officers were approaching the motorcycle, a blue pickup truck clipped the officer’s vehicle and proceeded to run over the biker and his motorcycle. The cyclist’s death was almost instantaneous, and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Neither officer was injured, but the driver of the pickup truck did sustain minor injuries. He was taken to the hospital for treatment and then arrested upon his release on criminal charges of intoxicated manslaughter. Houston police have yet to release the names of the victim or the driver of the pickup pending the notification of the victim’s family.

The death of anyone in an accident is always tragic, but that tragedy is further compounded when the death could so easily have been avoided. Had the driver of the pickup refrained from driving while impaired, the senseless loss of life would have been averted altogether. Instead, the family of the motorcyclist must now identify his body, make funeral arrangements, and move into a future that does not include their loved one.

Nothing, of course, can ever be done to make up for their loss or for the loss of anyone who is the victim of a wrongful death. However, justice does seem to demand that some sort of restitution be made to the family who has so needlessly suffered. A wrongful death attorney in Houston can help families to pursue that kind of justice.

Regardless of what criminal charges have been filed against the person who caused the death of a loved-one, your wrongful death attorney in Houston can assist you in filing a wrongful death suit so that you can be assured that the person who is responsible is held accountable. Your wrongful death attorney in Houston will work with investigators and witnesses to demonstrate how the death could have been avoided and why the defendant in the case is responsible. Working with your wrongful death attorney will also help you to find some sense of closure knowing that you have done what you could to honor the memory of the one whose life was taken too soon. Contact a wrongful death attorney in Houston today to get the justice your loved one deserves.