Outlining The Law With An Alimony Lawyer In Frederick

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Lawyers

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In Maryland, divorce cases could provide spouses with access to alimony. The spousal support helps a spouse become financially stable after a divorce. The basis of the award is the earning capacity of each spouse and the lifestyle achieved during the marriage. An Alimony Lawyer in Frederick can outline the law for spouses and define their rights.

How Does the Length of the Marriage Apply?

A marriage that lasts longer than ten years could provide a spouse with more substantial alimony payments. Any marriage that lasted five years or less won’t present a high payment each month. The length of the marriage is to first factor examined by the judge in a divorce case.

Are There are Alternatives for Alimony?

Yes, a spouse can choose to pay for a college degree program instead of alimony. The program offers a chance for the spouse to acquire the credentials needed to become gainfully employed. The opposing spouse can pay tuition payments on a schedule or all at once. The divorce agreement defines how the payments are made and whether or not they are provided to the spouse or the college.

What Types of Alimony are Awarded?

There are temporary and lifelong alimony payments. Temporary alimony payments are provided for a short amount of time as defined by the judge. Lifelong alimony payments are required throughout the spouse’s life. The payments must be submitted according to the schedule set up by the court.

When Do Permanent Alimony Payments Stop?

Permanent and lifelong alimony payments can be overturned under certain conditions. If the spouse remarries, the opposing spouse can file a petition to stop any and all alimony payments. The court will review the earning capacity of the spouse and their new partner to determine if payment should continue.

In Maryland, alimony is provided to prevent a spouse from facing financial hardships. The payments are available to increase the spouse’s earning capacity and keep them in the lifestyle achieved during the marriage. The payments are provided permanently or on a temporary basis. Petitioners who need the help of an Alimony Lawyer in Frederick can schedule a legal consultation right now.