Pedestrians Crossing the Street and Getting Injured by a Car

by | May 26, 2016 | Law

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You hear about it all the time on the news or see it in your local paper about a pedestrian being injured when they cross the roadway and get hit by a car. People who drive vehicles have traffic laws they have to obey and this goes for pedestrians as well. There are several reasons why a driver can be distracted such as blinded by the sun, texting, and lack of sleep or under the influence. If you were hit by a car when you were walking across a street then you should contact a lawyer immediately. You need a personal injury attorney in Cedar Rapids IA area to handle your claim.

Choose a Reputable Lawyer to Help with Your Claim

You want a lawyer that has experience and can help you get compensation for your injuries. That is why you chose a reputable attorney to help you with your claim. During your first visit with your lawyer you will discuss the case and they will ask you questions. Always provide your lawyer with all the information you know, even if you think it is not important tell them anyways. The first thing your lawyer will want to do is go over the evidence such as the report that was filed by the police, testimony of witnesses and photos if any was taken as well as all your medical bills. Your lawyer may prefer to negotiate a favorable settlement rather than go to trial, but if that cannot be met then they will be ready to fight for your legal rights aggressively if need be.

An Attorney Offers More than Legal Advice They Are Also Compassionate

Your lawyer is not only there to offer you legal advice, but they also are compassionate to your needs. They understand that being injured can have you overwhelmed and full of emotions. That is why they will encourage you to focus on getting better and let them deal with all the legal work. There is no need for you to struggle with worrying about finances when you have a professional attorney that will ensure you that you will be compensated for your loss.