Preparing for a Meeting with a Bankruptcy Law Firm in St. Petersburg FL

by | Jan 18, 2024 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In today’s uncertain economic climate, more people are having difficulties managing their finances. Outsourcing, rising consumer prices; increasing interest rates and fees; stagnant or decreasing wages; mass lay-offs; and job insecurity have all contributed to some people owing more money than they have coming into their respective households. This can cause problems with creditors and possibly garnishments, foreclosures, adverse credit scores, and repossessions. There is a legal status people can apply for called bankruptcy. To see if this is right for you, a bankruptcy law firm St. Petersburg FL has professionals who can help you. Being prepared for a meeting with a professional at your chosen bankruptcy law firm St. Petersburg FL is important. Although you don’t have to be friends with your attorney, establishing a cordial, profession relationship will help your initial and subsequent meetings go smoother and more productively. Not being prepared can hurt this relationship. Organize your documents using folders or files. Use highlighters and pencils to coordinate similar documents. Make a checklist detailing the contents of each folder. This will help you present your items in a straightforward manner. The lawyer at the bankruptcy law firm St. Petersburg FL you choose will need basic information such as your full legal name, address, phone numbers, place of employment, and work phone number. He will also request the names of any children you support, even if you don’t claim them on your income taxes. Write this information on a separate sheet of paper to give to the attorney. Some documents to present to the lawyer at the bankruptcy law firm St. Petersburg FL include your check stubs for the past six months; bank statements for the past year; credit card bills dating back six months; tax returns for the past three years; deeds and titles to assets you own outright; and other information necessary to back your claim of financial hardship. Before your initial meeting with a lawyer, make a list of your monthly expenses. This will include living expenses such as rent/mortgage; utility bills; car payments; and food costs. Getting ready for a meeting will show your dedication to starting a new life. This will help a lawyer to better help you get a fresh financial start in life.